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Santo Stefano del Sole
Panorama - Santa Lucia di Serino
Panorama - Serino

Proposed by the City of Santo Stefano del Sole relying on funds from the PSR Campania 2007/2013.  Interventions financed by the EAFRD Local Development Plan LAG Serinese Solofrana MEASURE 313 "Encouragement of tourism activities".  The project includes the towns of the Valle del Sabato: Santa Lucia di Serino, Santo Stefano del Sole and Serino. This area has elements of great scenic, cultural, gastronomic and folklore, which constitutes a significant touristic potential which is not fully taken advantaged of. The aim is precisely to promote the area as a tourist destination, reviving the traditions .....more

Comune di Santa Lucia di Serino

Comune di Santo Stefano del Sole

Comune di Serino


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