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Santo Stefano del Sole
Panorama - Santa Lucia di Serino
Panorama - Serino

San Giuseppe Moscati
The noble family Moscati has been present in Santa Lucia di Serino since XVI century. Francesco Moscati was born there in 1836. His work as a judge forced him away from his homeland. He moved to Benevento, where he held the position of President of the Court and where his son Giuseppe was born on 25 July 1880, the seventh of nine children. The forcible transfer never stopped the ancestral link with the homeland. Here the family usually return for their summer holidays and in his noble residence to enjoy  .....more


Bandit Laurenziello
The phenomenon of banditry, which spread in southern Italy in the late eighteenth century and the first decade following the proclamation of the Kingdom of Italy, was mirrored in the person of Lorenzo De Feo, or Laurenziello as is well known.
Lorenzo De Feo, nicknamed Laurenziello was born, son to Giuseppe De Feo and Maria Romano in Santo Stefano del sole on 23rd of June 1774.  Son of shepherds and himself a pastor .....more


Francesco Solimena
Serino has more. It was the forge of the Baroque painter Francesco Solimena, known as the Abate Ciccio, who was born in Canale di Serino in 1657.
Francesco Solimena, also called L'Abate Ciccio. He was a famous Italian painter and architect and one of the greatest exponents of the late Baroque style. Among his influences include Francesco Guarino, Luca Giordano of which the artist admired their creative and very scenic paintings and those of Mattia Preti .....more



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