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The noble family Moscati has been present in Santa Lucia di Serino since XVI century. Francesco Moscati was born there in 1836. His work as a judge forced him away from his homeland. He moved to Benevento, where he held the position of President of the Court and where his son Giuseppe was born on 25 July 1880, the seventh of nine children. The forcible transfer never stopped the ancestral link with the homeland. Here the family usually return for their summer holidays and in his noble residence to enjoy the pleasant countryside and to devote himself to the liturgical rites in the Cappella del Carmine, pertaining to the same residence.
Giuseppe, meanwhile, at the age of 23, graduated with honors in medicine, passed the exam to become an professor assistant and also and also that for becoming an ordinary assistant for the United Hospitals of Naples, astounding everyone.
Supported by a strong Christian faith, with absolute dedication, he took care of his patients, not only of their body but also of their soul, witnessing its deep conviction that the disease may be soothed by the religious and spiritual comfort. He humanized the medicine, that  until then it had been accused of having a too much scientific approach detached from the patient.
When the Vesuvius erupted in April 1906, he made his way to the hospital of Torre del Greco, where he personally took care of every patient transfer; it is said that when the last patient left the building, the roof collapsed.
When in 1915 Italy entered the war against Austria, he enlisted with the rank of major and he was (or become) head of the military department and of the Executive Office of assistance to the sick and wounded soldiers. After the war he was appointed Director of the Hall for the Incurable. Here he not only took care of the reconstruction and organization of the hospital, but he also did his utmost especially for the sick people, asking them in return to dedicate  themselves in a committed approach to the Catholic faith.
His deep commitment was panned by premature death, watched by him without fear. It happened on  Tuesday, April 12th, 1927 in his studio in via Cisterna dell' Olio. He was buried in the cemetery of Poggioreale but, after a few years, the great veneration that people had manifested for their doctor, urged the Jesuits fathers to authorize the transfer of his remains in the church of Gesù Nuovo, where he still rests in an bronze urn created by the sculptor Amedeo Garufi.
Pope Paolo VI proclaimed him blessed on November 16th 1975.
On October 25th 1987, in St. Peter's Square , Pope Giovanni Paolo II canonized Giuseppe Moscati. Today he is the patron saint of the sick, poor and needy people, who are turning to him in devotion.
Since 1985, with fierce pride, the community of Saint Lucia celebrates the anniversary of his birth with a religious ceremony and a lay party in Serino, in the district of  Pozzillo, in the place where, in 1985 a shrine was also erected.

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